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Humus Builder; This organic product contains beneficial organisms that energize soils, composts, decomposing organic matter. It stabilizes nutrients and humus, and reduces odors. May be broadcast dry or sprayed with water onto garbage, leaves, vegetables.

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Composts lawn clippings, brown leaves, and hard to compost items such as wood chips, pine cones, and twigs. Converts 500 - 750 lbs. of yard debris to mulch.

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The mix between compost and soil gives you the perfect base for plants to grow and thrive. The compost balances the pH levels in your soil and energizes the soil food web (meaning that it breaks down more organisms then regular soil).

What is it?
Our leaf compost is made from the leaf and yard waste sourced from municipalities and commercial customers throughout the region. It is most commonly screened to ½".

Composting Process
By putting leaf and yard waste in large piles called windrows, the piles will generate enough heat to aid in the decomposition of organic material. It is also important to turn the piles often in order to release moisture and introduce oxygen to the material.
The average size of a windrow is about 1,500 cubic yards. After 12-16 weeks of turning the piles, the compost in then screened and curated further before it is ready to be applied.

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Compost is considered a soil conditioner, rather than a fertilizer, even though it contains both plant nutrients and essential trace elements.

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