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Middlebury Agway welcomes you to our nursery. Our Nursery Manager, Margaret (pictured), along with her nursery assistant, Tom, have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are on hand to give helpful advice.

We grow with the season offering hanging plants, perennials, annuals, mums and so much more. We also carry a nice line of vegetable plants for your garden as well as trees and shrubs in many varieties. There are also baskets, planters, pottery, statuary, and birdbaths in many sizes, styles and colors.

We take great pride in offering locally grown annuals, perennials, veggie plants, and hanging baskets with fresh shipments almost daily in the spring and early summer.

Also, locally grown mums and pumpkins for the late summer and early fall season. For the Holiday Season you'll find hundreds of beautiful Fresh Cut Christmas Trees and lots of Wreaths, Garland, and Holiday Decor!

Another great addition is our beautiful selection of roses along with trees and shrubs, fruits, grapes, and more.

Gardening Tips!

Pruning Tip:

When your azaleas, dogwoods or rhododendron blooms are spent, that is the time to prune to encourage new growth for a healthier plant and larger blooms next year. Fertilize with an acid loving fertilizer like Holly Tone at the same time. Feed again in the fall.

Picking Flowers

When picking flowers from your garden, do so early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Cool them quickly by placing them in a bucket of water left in a cool place for an hour or so. This is especially important in hot summer weather.

Pruning a Hydrangea?

Do I leave the flower heads on until I prune? The proper timing to prune hydrangeas depends on what type of hydrangea you are growing. Bigleaf hydrangeas produce blooms on previous years growth. Prune back stems that have flowered to about 2 feet high, right after they finish blooming. As Pee Gee hydrangeas flower on new growth, they should be pruned in early spring to about 6 - 12" height. Oak leaf hydrangeas require very little pruning but can be pruned in early spring.