Help Your Plants Flourish!

Help Your Plants Flourish!

Gardeners, we finally have warmer temperatures, and even (dare I say it) a glimpse of the sun now and then. You have planted the flower beds with annuals and perennials; now make sure they have what they need so you will not be disappointed with their performance. One important step is deadheading gone by flowers on all plants. A plant makes flowers for the future survival of their species. And you thought it was to make you smile! Well, that too. When flowers fade, the plant sets seed, which fall to the ground to become next year's plants. When the plant thinks it has produced enough seed, it will stop flowering. You don't want that to happen! Get a quality pair of sharp garden scissors, or hand pruners, and cut off the gone by blooms. This will promote the plant to make more flowers. This is particularly true of annuals. Some perennials only flower once during the growing season, but some Salvias and Nepetas will rebloom when deadheaded.  

Water and fertilizer are another necessary step to enable plants to flourish. There are many options. Your own compost can be used to top dress plants. Organic granular and water soluble, which is applied with a hose adapter, are available as well.  

The Vegetable garden also needs fertilizer and water. In this case, you might want to use compost or organic granular.

It is a good idea to check the leaves and buds for pests. Agway has many options in the organic category to help with these.

Stake plants that need it so they have support to really thrive. It is best to do this early, so as not to break large branches or knock off buds and blooms. It is also less of a struggle for you if you do this task when your plants are small. And keep an eye on them, in case they grow through supports. Tie them up with garden twine or twist ties.

Weeding is key to any garden's success. Yes, it isn't the fun part of gardening. But if you go out in the evening or early morning and just pull for an hour or so, you will be doing a big favor for the garden and yourself - it is proven that gardening lowers your blood pressure!

Remember, this is YOUR garden. You can make it whatever you want. Just enjoy it.